Psychic Readings available by appointment 



If you are thinking of having a reading then book a reading with Trish, who has been working as a professional Psychic, Medium and Numerologist for almost  30 years.

Trish is experienced and accurate. She is a truly gifted lady who will open her heart to you and guide you in the direction the universe advises. A reading with Trish is a memorable life event you will not be disappointed with.

Focusing on the here and now and your future pathways Trish puts great emphasis on helping you to establish your life goals and wishes; and to help you find direction and security in your choices. Trish will give you guidance so you can confidently create the future you deserve; and have faith in the future the Universe has planned for you. She will answer your questions and give closure to the problems of the past that may be creating barriers and blocking you from moving forward in life. Trish brings clarity to the unanswered questions in your life.

Having a reading done is a very personal experience and Trish is very sensitive to your emotions. She feels what you feel and the experience is just as personal for her as it is for you. 

Readings are booked for 30 minute or 1 hour duration by appointment. Call today on 03 5940 3669 and book a suitable time.

Your reading will also be given to you on a CD, to enable you to reflect back on it later. 

Trish is the owner of The Gift Haven, and she also runs her own Psychic phone line; which has been operating for almost 20 years. Follow the link if you require a phone reading ~ help is only a phone call away. Much love xx

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